Softball v Baseball Exhibition Game – rescheduled for 11/29

On Sunday November 29th, the Beachside Softball Juniors Panthers will face the Beachside Baseball 50/70 Dragons in an exhibition game at Mallozzi field at 2:00 p.m.

These two teams played an impromptu scrimmage a few weeks ago that was a battle for the ages. Both teams played extremely well, but the game was cut short due to time so there was an undetermined outcome.

It was a knockdown-dragout brawl with neither team giving in. The see-saw battle lasted through-out the evening until the coaches, who were clutching their chests grasping for air, simultaneously threw in their towels. With so many unanswered questions remaining, who will be victorious? Come on out Sunday and root, root, root for Beachside and see who will emerge the victor.

Mallozzi is located in the Algonquin Complex in Indian Harbour Beach:

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