Goodbye Quin, Thank you

Quin has been umpiring for BSLL for about 7 seasons. He has also umpired county tournament games, as well as a Softball State Championship game. He completed all of his Bright Future hours in his first season of umpiring for Beachside and has helped train many others. Quin has also read the “green book” cover-to-cover several times just to be sure he knew all the rules.

Known for ejecting his brother from a game, calling a batter out for throwing the bat (on a home run no less), calling time in the middle of a game to tell the UIC to, “do his job”,  and most notably his “Batman” voice, Quin will be moving on to serve our country in Army Intelligence with a ship date of June 4th.

Quin’s last game for Beachside will be this Monday, May 7th, 6p at Hedgecock. As a coach, I will miss seeing him on the field as he has become one of our most senior umpires, even though his strike zone has had a tendency to move a bit during a game, it was always a fun time coaching a game with him behind the plate.

If you have not had the chance to see him umpire, come out Monday to be entertained. One of the things that he has always wanted to do was eject his father, maybe he will get that chance Monday.