General FAQs

When are the practices/games?

Practice days and times are set by the coaches and cannot be done until the teams are formed. The game schedule is typically finalized one week before Opening Day.

What division will my son/daughter be in?

Since Little League has quite a bit of overlap with their age groups, there are many factors involved with the division is which one is placed. Machine pitch and above have assessments. This is to ensure that the player is placed in the division which their skills are better suited. If age allows, they may be placed up or down based on skill level. Ages are based on League Age, not Calendar age. League age is set by Little League International and cannot be changed.  Use this link for age verification:  https://www.littleleague.org/play-little-league/determine-league-age/. Little League tends to be a bit late with the League Age Calculator, so scroll down to the Age charts on that page.

In Minor A and above, there is a draft. A draft does not guarantee a player will play in the division they desire. If a player does not get drafted, they will move to the lower division. BSLL staff are prohibited to discuss the outcomes of a draft with parents or players at any time. Any questions regarding a draft should be brought up with the coach. Little League International also prohibits parents and coaches discussing the draft in any way prior to the draft taking place. Any violation to this rule may result in the player and/or coach being removed from the league. There is a league representative present to make sure that drafts are in compliance with Little League International rules.

If my son/daughter does not live or go to school within BSLL boundaries, can he/she play?

Generally yes, in the Fall Season. In the Spring, there is an approval process that must be followed. You must first submit a letter via email to the President explaining the reason for your son/daughter not playing in their home league. That letter along with a waiver form then gets sent to Little League for approval. There is no guarantee that this gets approved, but if it does, it will be for regular season only which means your son/daughter will not be eligible for All-Stars.

How do I know what size jersey/pants to pick, he/she is a 5T?

We have no idea. You can get measuring tape and measure around the chest for jerseys and around the waist for pants.

I can’t see the team information (roster, scheduling, etc) in the SSPlay app.

Log out of the app and log back in again.

Why isn’t there an umpire? Why is the concession not opened?

BSLL is run 100% by volunteers and we are ALWAYS short-handed. If there is no umpire or the concession is not opened, it is because no one volunteered.

What kind of bat can I use?

If it is not wood, it MUST have the USA stamp.  If it doesn’t, it cannot be used.  In 50/70 and Juniors, bats with the BBCOR stamp are allowed as well as USA stamped bats.

Tee Ball bats are only to be used in Tee Ball.

What are registration fees used for?

Beachside Little League is a non-profit entity which relies solely on donations and registration fees to operate.  Registration fees are our primary source of income, which contribute the following expenses (not an exhaustive list):

  • Player uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Little League Charter fees
  • Local field usage fees
  • Tournament fees
  • Marketing & advertising

Do you have a refund policy?

We understand that life happens, and sometimes families might need to withdraw from the season; we offer refunds to players according to the policy below:

All requests MUST be submitted in writing to the President.  Communication thru managers/coaches/volunteers will not be accepted.

  • Refund requests prior to the registration deadline will be honored less a $35 processing Fee.
  • If the registration deadline has passed and prior to the first scheduled game, a refund will be honored at a 30% rate.
  • Refunds after the first scheduled game will not be honored. No Exceptions.
  • At NO point will any refund will be given if the player or their relative has been dismissed or suspended due to unsportsmanlike behavior or not abiding by the  Parental Code of Conduct, which everyone agrees to during registration.

How can I help?

We are always looking for help, you can send us a message through our contact page and we’ll put you to work.  Here are a few things that are fairly easy and go a long way:

  • Lining the field before a game.
  • Raking the field in between games on Saturdays.
  • Volunteer to Umpire. 
    • Signup will be available once game schedule is complete
  • Volunteer to work the Concession.
    • Signup will be available once game schedule is complete