Summer Sandlot Rules


Kids Run the Games:  The games are run by the players who are playing for the joy of the game! 

Board Member on Duty: A BSLL Board Member is required to be at every event.  Board members may also be a host coach for the same event.  Board members are to oversee proper sanitizing and social distancing is taking place.  Board members are to help with sanitizing items as needed.

Coaches “Host” the Games: BSLL Coaches host the sandlot games as signed up to.  BSLL host coaches shall arrive early to the field to spray dugouts (all touched surfaces: benches, gate frames, gate latches, dugout railings) with 70% IPA sanitizer spray and allow enough time to dry before players may enter (10 minutes).  Coaches will get gear out of the equipment room and stage in the dugouts for use.  They also help select captains and an umpire as noted.  PLEASE NOTE: BSLL host coaches do not instruct the players at the sandlot games.  Once the game begins, the BSLL host coaches are expected to stay in the background and let the players run the games, but they keep an eye out at all times for player safety.  Should it start looking like the kids are having a hard time, the host coach can step in and help resolve any issues.  After each game, coaches will return gear to the equipment room, spray everything down with the “Clear Gear” spray.  Before leaving the field, coaches are to spray the dugouts down again. 

Team Captains: Two players are captains.  The BSLL host coaches help select the captains at the beginning of each sandlot game. The captains are generally the oldest players in attendance who have not yet been captains. A player will generally be a team captain only once during the sandlot season, regardless of the number of games they attend, so that several players will have the opportunity to be a team captain. 

Umpires: In our experience, the sandlot games run more smoothly if one of the older players in attendance volunteers to be the umpire for the game.  The BSLL host coach would assist in the selection of such umpire.  The umpire would be positioned behind the pitcher throughout the game.  The umpire’s decisions are final and the BSLL host coach should not attempt override the umpires’ calls.  However, the umpire can consult with the BSLL host coach on a decision if the umpire chooses to do so.  PLEASE NOTE: Players who volunteer to be umpires are not paid for this role in the sandlot game.            

Rules: Generally, the rules for the applicable BSLL level will apply.  However, it is acceptable to modify certain rules at the agreement of both captains and the BSLL host coach (who is responsible for player safety).  For example, baserunner lead-offs or 4 outfielders may be allowed at the agreement of both team captains and the BSLL host coach.        

Picking Teams: The BSLL host coaches assist the captains in picking teams as follows:

    • All players other than the two captains and the umpire are “counted off” with numbers from “one” to “four”. The “ones” go to first base, the “twos” go to second base, the “threes” go to third base and the “fours” go to home plate.
    • The two captains use “rocks, paper, scissors” to determine who has first pick.
    • The captain with the first pick (“Team One”) selects an entire group of players from one of the four bases.
    • The captain with the second (“Team Two”) pick selects two groups of players from the three remaining bases. If the number of players in the groups are different, the captain must select a group with different numbers of players (i.e., cant select the 2 groups with the least amount of players)
    • The players at the remaining base join Team One.
    • The captain of Team One gets first choice in selecting the dugout that they would like to use.

Batting Order and Player Positions: Team captains set the batting order (often written in chalk on the dugout floor).

    • All players bat even if there are more total players on a team than there are positions to field.
    • Team captains rotate players every inning so that everyone plays a variety of positions.
    • Host coaches are to not interfere with the captain’s decisions on player positions. If a safety issue arises, host coaches shall talk to the captain and let him/her make appropriate changes.

Number of Players: If sufficient players are in attendance, the number of players in the field at any one time should be consistent with the BSLL house rules for such level.

    • Teams can include as few as five players: a pitcher, catcher, a first baseman, an infielder and an outfielder and the rules are modified accordingly. For example, if playing with only one outfielder on a team – play with only two fields, right and center for left-handers, left and center for right-handers. In this case, balls hit by right-handed hitters to right field are automatic fouls and balls hit by left-handed hitters to left field are out. You hit the ball to a field that is foul, its a foul. 

Pitching: Pitchers will be limited to 2 innings or 45 pitches.  Captains may make pitching changes whenever they like.  Host coaches are to encourage captains to use as many pitchers as possible.  We’d like to not see the same 3 or 4 pitchers throw every game.