General Rules

General, league-wide rules are listed here, division specific rules are listed in the Forms/Documents section when available.

General Rules:

In Baseball, ALL non-wood bats must have the USA stamp on them to be allowed use in league games and practices. There is no exception to this rule. Sorry, but the expensive composite bats the were bought for Christmas will not be allowed in Little League. Umpires are going to be encouraged to perform the pre-game equipment check to make sure that all bats are eligible.

The coaches are responsible for canceling practice/games due to weather. For those divisions that play other areas, you will need to contact the coach of the other team. Once the schedules are done, you will be provided with the contacts. The only time BSLL will close the fields is if it comes from the respective cities.

Home team is responsible for field prep and locking up equipment room, bathrooms, turning off lights, and putting the pitching machine away.

Home team is in the 3rd base dugout. What? Yes, 3rd base dugout.

In all Baseball divisions from Minor A and up, coaches are required to fill out the pitch count verification form and have it either signed by the umpire, or the opposing coach at the conclusion of their game. If there is a question of a pitcher eligibility based on pitch count and the verification can not be produced, that pitcher will not be allowed to pitch until the maximum days rest are met by that pitcher. Days rest requirements are on the verification form.

Game balls will be in the equipment room. Please try to not use more the 2 per game. If the game balls are still in good condition after the game, please put them back in the equipment room to be used again. T-Ball and Minor B can use the same balls for multiple games.

When the supply of game balls is getting low, please notify our equipment manager right away, do not wait until the box is empty and you need them for a game. Chances are, balls will not be able to get there on short notice.

If you use something from your first-aid kit, let the equipment manager know so the items can be replaced.

Umpires, regardless of how old they are, are in charge once the game starts.

We encourage all coaches to umpire a few games during the season. It is a great way to learn about the game from a different perspective. It will also show how difficult it can be to get every call right. We struggle to get all games covered by umpires every season due to lack of volunteers so the board is extremely protective of the ones that we have. BSLL has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to giving umpires (or any volunteer) a hard time. There is a proper way to handle disputed calls which we will go over at our coaches meeting.

The coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and parents. As you all know, when you registered, there is an area where you have type “agree” to continue on with the registration. While I am sure you have read it thoroughly, I suggest reading it again and remind your parents of what they agreed to as well should you run into any issues. 

There is NO SMOKING at any of our fields which includes the parking lots. If you see, or smell, someone smoking, please politely remind them of the no smoking rules. If they become difficult, please let any board member know right away and do not get heated and escalate the issue. We typically do not have any issues with our parents here, we sometimes have to remind the out-of-towners.

While we encourage the competitive aspect of the game, please remember that even though we play against each other, we are on the same team. We have coaches and players that are new to the league or game, please try to be helpful, we are all on the same Beachside team. Working together will make the league stronger.