We are excited to announce that our Summer Skills Clinic series will be kicking off in just a few weeks with (3) different 3-4 hr sessions, each focusing on different aspects of the game.  We are partnering with local high school coaches and professional players to help guide the sessions and provide quality instruction.  

Our objective for all skill clinics is to give each player experience and provide useful information teaching proper mechanics, techniques and set up drills for the player to use at home for personal skill development.   Parents and coaches are encouraged to attend.

All attendees will be required to register and sign a hold harmless agreement.  

July 1, 4pm-7pm, Fielding & Throwing, Algonquin Sports Complex:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040444A4AA2AA02-fielding

July 10, 8am-12pm, Pitching & Catching, Algonquin Sports Complex:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040444A4AA2AA02-pitching

July 17, 8am-12pm, Hitting & Baserunning, Algonquin Sports Complex:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040444A4AA2AA02-hitting

We hope to see as many as possible out there working to make next season the best season yet!

With funds saved from our generous sponsors and magnet fundraisers over the past 2 years we have purchased a new 70′ batting cage to be installed at Algonquin and three new scoreboards that will be going up at Mallozzi, Olson, and Hedgecock.  Everything should be ready to go for this weekend, be on the lookout!

Photos will be taken at Algonquin Sports Complex in IHB, below is the team schedule.  Please wait for your whole team to take photos together.

9:00 Mets Minor A

9:00 Lake Monsters Minor A

9:15 Cubs Minor B

9:15 Raptors Minor B

9:30 Cubs Tball

9:30 Marauders Tball

9:45 Yankees Tball

9:45 Emeralds Tball

10:00 Bulls Minor A

10:00 Knights Minor A

10:15 Pirates Tball

10:15 Dodgers Tball

10:30 Hooks Minor B

10:30 Nationals Major

10:45 Heat Softball Minor B

10:45 Heat Softball Majors

11:00 Heat Softball Minor A

11:00 Grasshoppers 50/70