Thank you all for coming out to Opening Day and for indulging us as we honored our friends Zac and Mr. Karcher.

Also, thank you to all of the volunteers that came out to help. There is no way that it would have been as successful as it was had it not been for you.

Games are starting this week and we will need more of your help. PLEASE sign up to work concessions and umpire some games. High Schoolers can earn volunteer hours for their Bright Futures by helping Beachside Little League.

If you have questions about concessions or umpiring, please contact Tara or Mike respectively. I promise that these 2 things are no where near as difficult as they may seem and are actually quite fun.


Sign up to Umpire or to work Concession

It’s here. Opening Day is this Saturday, March 3rd.

Opening Day is at the Algonquin Sports Complex located in Indian Harbour Beach. Please arrive by 9a and have the players line up with their team down the first base line of the big field towards the back opening.

Please line up in this order:

  1. Satellite High School Baseball Team
  2. IHB Tot T-Ball Red Sox
  3. IHB Tot T-Ball Tigers
  4. T-Ball Cubs
  5. T-Ball Marlins
  6. T-Ball Red Sox
  7. T-Ball Yankees
  8. Minor B Cardinals
  9. Minor B Knights
  10. Minor B Marlins
  11. Minor B Red Sox
  12. Minor A Cubs
  13. Minor A Hooks
  14. Minor A Knights
  15. Minor A Red Sox
  16. Minor A Scrappers
  17. Majors Cubs
  18. Majors Angels
  19. 50/70 Cubs
  20. 50/70 ‘Sealey’
  21. Juniors Mariners
  22. Juniors ‘Sealey’

Parents can head over to the bleachers. Teams will be called out onto the field at 9:30a.

You should all have your picture envelopes by now but if not, there will be some on-site. Even if you are not purchasing individual pictures, please make sure they get their picture taken anyway.

There will be activities for the kids and plenty of food. Please, please, please, bring small bills.

There will also be a game played between the Beachside 50/70 teams at 1:00p so make sure you stick around for that.

As always, we can use help with making sure opening day runs smoothly, please considered helping out and sign up here: And we still need donations, you can see what we need here:

Teams are formed, uniforms are ordered, and practices have begun. Game schedules will be out approxiamtely 1 week prior to opening day and will start the week of March 4th.

You can see your schedules via the SI Play app on your cell phone, or by logging into the account your registered with. There is also a link in the menu to the left.

Opening Day is March 3rd at Algonquin Sports Complex in Indian Harbour Beach.

As always, we are in need of volunteers. You can sign up to help at opening day by going HERE.

More info will be sent out regarding opening day very soon.

Coach/Umpire Clinic will be 3:00p on Sunday, February 25th on Son-Shine Field.