Photos will be taken at Algonquin Sports Complex in IHB, below is the team schedule.  Please wait for your whole team to take photos together.

9:00 Mets Minor A

9:00 Lake Monsters Minor A

9:15 Cubs Minor B

9:15 Raptors Minor B

9:30 Cubs Tball

9:30 Marauders Tball

9:45 Yankees Tball

9:45 Emeralds Tball

10:00 Bulls Minor A

10:00 Knights Minor A

10:15 Pirates Tball

10:15 Dodgers Tball

10:30 Hooks Minor B

10:30 Nationals Major

10:45 Heat Softball Minor B

10:45 Heat Softball Majors

11:00 Heat Softball Minor A

11:00 Grasshoppers 50/70

Assessments will be held Saturday (1/23) at Algonquin Sports Complex.  Makeups will be on Sunday (1/24).  All players in divisions Minor B and above are required to assess.   No assessments for t-ball.  Times for each division are below:

Baseball Only – Saturday:

9am-10am – Minor B

10am-11am – Minor A

11am-12pm – Majors & 13-15yo.

Baseball Only – Sunday:

All Divisions: 9am-10am.

Softball Only – Wednesday 1/27:

 6-7 PM at Mallozzi.  All ages.